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Colin Gasko
01/10/11 14:06:18 @colin-gasko:
What if I could get to La Paz around the 14th?
Colin Gasko
01/10/11 13:06:19 @colin-gasko:

Dear Volker,

I'm interested in possibly visiting the Tranquilidad operation in lat February. Please PM me if you get a chance. Thanks!


Colin Gasko

Rogue Chocolatier, Inc.

david castellan
09/24/10 12:32:03 @david-castellan:
thanks for the tipi already roasted at slightly hotter (240'F) for 20 minutes but next batch....what is your address?. it is still very hot here in Toronto but when it gets cooler i will send a package.
david castellan
09/24/10 08:38:47 @david-castellan:
hi Volkerthanks for all your work... we just received 7 bags of the alto beni and it looks great. Very cute tiny beans , nice and clean. roasted some yesterday and will make a small batch but may hold off and process the rest with our new setup ( Scirocco roaster/ Mazzetti ball mill...)
02/12/09 00:30:36 @jim2:
Volker,I'm operating a cacau farm in the region of Bahia, Brazil and woulg like to exchange ideas and experiences with you. Your discussions on chocolayye life have been interesting and it's possible that some of our experiences could be mutually beneficial is shared. Drop me a lne at cacaufarmer@yahoo.com when you have a spare moment.I am currently making changes to our farms to elevate the quality and efficiency and would appreciate hearing some of your thoughtd on fermentation batch sizes, ways to use new technology and farm management practices.Best regardsJim Lucas
Clay Gordon
10/27/08 17:03:27 @clay:
Volker:Welcome to TheChocolateLife. I very much appreciate your diligence in working with the cacao farmers in the Beni region of Bolivia in and around Hacienda Tranquilidad to bring the beans that Felchlin uses to make Cru Sauvage to their attention. It is a remarkable chocolate and a remarkable story and I know everyone here would love to know more about your efforts on this and other Rainforest projects.:: Clay