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Brian Pelletier

Chocolate/Candy Funnel

I've been making molded chocolate by...
@Brian Pelletier 15 years ago - Comments: 3
Brian Pelletier

Dipping Forks

I'm looking for three-pronged dipping...
@Brian Pelletier 14 years ago - Comments: 12
Brian Pelletier

Wholesale/Retail Pricing

I offer chocolate for sale at...
@Brian Pelletier 15 years ago - Comments: 5

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Wendy Buckner
04/27/10 12:04:08 @wendy-buckner:
Hey Brian! So you have a shop in St. Louis? I love it up there! My husband and I went there a few years ago and loved the Zoo and the City Museum...possibly the strangest place I have ever been! Sorry we missed your shop!