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Jeff Stern
01/06/11 17:52:14 @jeff-stern:

Hi Cat, I am still here in Quito. Not going anywhere for the near future, just not exporting at present. If you're in town, you can call me on 09 852 4773 or 245 4502.

Kind regards,


Duffy Sheardown
07/12/10 14:43:05 @duffy-sheardown:
At present it's available in all good chocolate long as the shops belongs to Paul A Young! He has an exclusive deal for another couple of weeks then hopefully I can get into a few more places.How do you acquire a cacao farm? Win it at cards?
Duffy Sheardown
07/12/10 11:01:48 @duffy-sheardown:
Hi Cat,I do hope to come out to Ecuador some time. My step-daughter was there a couple of years ago for 2 months and loved it. I do use Ecuadorian beans but currently have enough to last a few months. When I need more I'd love to test yours.Regards,Duffy