TheChocolateLife HAS MOVED (Again)

user image 2017-07-08
By: Clay Gordon
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TheChocolateLife HAS MOVED (Again)

From January 15, 2021 when you go to you will be redirected to TheChocolateLife at its new home.

If you arrived here and are not a member but want to join TheChocolateLife community, please visit the new site and sign up for an account there. There is still a FREE membership level but there are now two Premium membership levels with perks. Premium membership also directly supports TheChocolateLife and helps pay the bills.

If you arrived here and were an active member of TheChocolateLife on the Maven network (you posted at least one comment or article since the move to Maven in August 2017) your membership email was transferred to the new platform. You can use that email to log in to TheChocolateLife.

If you were a member of TheChocolateLife prior to August 2017 and were not active on Maven, please email with your account email and one will be created for you.

Efforts are currently underway to move all of the posts from this archive over to the new platform. When that is complete, all traffic to this archive will be redirected and the archive will be taken offline.

Thanks for your continued support and patience,
:: Clay