Live Video Chats for Chocolate Life members

By: Clay Gordon
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I have found a service that enables me to 'cast - in real-time over the web while simultaneously hosting a chat session. I am interested in knowing if holding regular, say every two weeks or so, video chats would be interesting to members. If a reasonable number are, I will set things up, get the equipment working, and schedule the first chat for sometime after Tax Day.One thing that I thought might be cool to try is a sort of quasi-interactive chocolate tasting. We could agree on one or more bars to taste and then we could all gather and chat and share our opinions. Or whatever you think might be interesting to discuss in real-time.Reply to this post to let me know if you think the idea is interesting and if you have ideas for some topics.Thanks in advance,:: Clay


Ernesto Bugarin Pantua Jr.
12/16/16 02:21:26AM @ernesto-bugarin-pantua-jr:

Nice Chris, hope this materializes.



Christian Baudry
11/13/15 12:38:52AM @christian-baudry:


My expertise is not in chocolate but in software and especially in ways to create online events reproducing the spontaneity of life. Like when you are in a large group in real life and that you move from a small group to another one according to your interest.

It is a category of software named: "Large Scale Video-chat events". It combines the large number of participants of online conferences with the flexibility and intimacy of video chats that can appear and disappear... The participants keep their autonomy to participate as they wish. It is mainly used by corpoartions.

Let's come to chocolate: there are chocolate lovers and chocolate makers. It is an international market.

My project consists in building a permanente chocolate channel where chocolate lovers, chocolate experts and chocolate makers can meet anytime 24 by 7 from any country in the world. A US chocolate lover would be able to have a conversation live with a Swiss chocolate maker or with a cocoa processor. It would be a channel populated at any time by at least a hundred chocolate passionate people able to see and discuss with each other.

Technically it is something that I can do as I have been in the field of interactive live video for more than ten years.

The first version of the site is here: ... It is a real application ready to work. It allows chocolate people to organize their own video forums at any time. The videos can be recorded or not. 

It seems to be not too far from what you had in mind 7 years ago. It goes beyond what Google+ hangouts can do (G+ hangouts is limited to 10 people and it is just one conversation).

What do you think?


Clay Gordon
11/10/15 09:29:09AM @clay:

Christian - 

For a variety of technical reasons, I did not launch this service. These days, services like Google+ enable this to happen more easily. There are some changes going on here at ChocolateLife WorldHQ, so I am looking into the possibility of doing something along these lines in the upcoming months

Christian Baudry
11/06/15 01:16:09PM @christian-baudry:

Hi Clay:

I am a new Chocolate Life Member and my goal is to learn more about chocolate. I would like to discover chocolates recommended by experts and appreciate them in a more sophisticated way.

Reading at random the blog, I found "I have found a service that enables me to 'cast - in real-time over the web while simultaneously hosting a chat session." 

It was in 2008.... Did you launch this real-time video chat system? At that time it must have been pretty new, but now it is much easier to create a channel.