Santha Spectra 11 Motor Replacement Suggestions?

Dave Huston
10/17/14 07:55:28PM

Hey All,

Got any suggestions on a motor to replace the cheapo motor that comes with the Santha Spectra 11? Additionally, if any of you have upgraded your Spectra 11 motor, did you have any troubles installing and/or overheating issues with the new motor? I have two Spectra 11's now. My newest used model seems to be quite underpowered compared to the first Spectra 11 I bought new, as such the used model spins quite a bit slower than my original model. I've replaced the V-belts on both units with the fiberglass PowerTwist V-link belts. They're tightened down good, so that isn't the reason for the slower spinning used Spectra 11. I'm pretty certain it's an underpowered motor.

Also, there is a blurb on the Chocolate Alchemy web site that says the Spectra 11 motor's are 1/4 HP, 110V, 60 Hz. I was curious about anyone's thoughts on using a 1/3 HP motor vs the 1/4 HP motor too?