Venue for Tastings

Hi,I just redecorated my shop to include seating. I can accomodate up to 20 people and I am interested in planning tastings at my store. There is...
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Donna keushgerian

Anyone interested in a Tasting in Los Angeles???

Hi, my name is Donna and I just became a member of this fantastic site!I would love to meet fellow members in the Los Angeles area and plan future...
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Madame Cocoa

Tasting Theme Ideas

Hello everyone, I am new to The Chocolate Life as of today. Can't wait to read more and learn from all of you! Here are some ideas for both...
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Evert-Jan De Kort (Choqoa.com)

Organising Tasting Events :: Best Practices & Tips

hi all,I have absolutely no experience in chocolate tasting events, but I'm planning to launch that idea in my area as a side project business for...
@Evert-Jan De Kort (Choqoa.com) started 15 years ago - replies: 4

Designing a tasting – a confusing task

Which 6 spots in the world would represent the variety of chocolate the best way?We would like to initiate an international chocolate event and as...
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Kyle Giesbrecht

Chocolate Tasting on Facebook

I have recently started a group on Facebook called "Chocolate Tasting" (the only one of it's kind that I have found) I am in the very early...
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Clay Gordon

Future Discover Chocolate In ... Travel Programs - Where To?

I am interested in getting feedback regarding where people want to travel over the next few years so I can start planning.I have two programs in...
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Recommendations needed

I will be visiting Milwaukee (WI) & Detroit (MI) next month & am looking for recommendations on chocolate shops in those cities or...
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