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09/12/12 21:28:16 @tom:

Just got a mate who was visiting SF to pop into Fog City News and grab me a few bars. I have been hanging to try your product for ages and it has finally come together. Mate, exceptional, loved all three bars, perfectly crafted, that is my sort of chocolate!

Volker Lehmann
01/11/11 13:12:45 @volker-lehmann:
Hi Colin: I recomended to come next year to see more, but it is always interesting to visit Baures and Tranquilidad. It is your decision. You will see cacao, you both are welcome and we always like to have guests especilly when they have interest in cacao and our work. We also like to learn from you. We talk about a small cacao batch mailing in private. Mail to: Volker.
Volker Lehmann
01/11/11 03:02:59 @volker-lehmann:
It could be possible that you will not see any harvest activities in Tranquilidad when you come end of February. I recommend to come next year. Cheers, Volker
Volker Lehmann
01/10/11 15:49:06 @volker-lehmann:
Us? How many people? I should be able to show you around in Tranquilidad. You can calculate around 800 USD/person for the whole trip La Paz - Baures - La Paz on a normal budget and comfort level. We have still to see how harvest goes on, there are always surprises ;-).
Volker Lehmann
01/10/11 15:29:15 @volker-lehmann:
That could work, but still I can give no gurantee that you can see fermentation and pots on the trees as Tranquilidad and the whole Baures zone is having a low harvest this year.

Volker Lehmann
01/10/11 14:01:32 @volker-lehmann:

Hi Colin, end of february is too late to see harvest. Let's make concrete plans when you get into Peru. You should be flexible enough for any changes. Volker

Christian J (
03/04/10 12:56:00 @christian-j-chokladoramase:
Hi Colin, Greetings from Sweden!Does your chocolate contain any traces of nuts, milk or any similar allergenic substances? I couldn't find any info about that on the package.Great work!
Clay Gordon
08/18/09 12:06:52 @clay:
Colin:Welcome to TheChocolateLife.:: Clay