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Tempering, Chocovision, molds etc

By Colin Green, 2015-08-30

Hi all,

I have been panning for a while but have opened a shop in Sydney (Australia - not BC) and would like to dabble in making other products including using molds, making bark etc. Maybe even enrobing. I'd like to have a feature in my shop where Customers can come and watch and maybe even do some stuff with their own inclusions.

I have been looking at various options but it is all rather costly given that this is an idea only at this point. I looked at Chocovision but my respected consultant dismisses this as "toys". 

My question is, are these really serious units and is their tempering ability really good - in that it's simple and works 100% of the time?  I really have an open mind but not an open wallet to the degree some systems demand.

Any thoughts would be hugely appreciated please.

Thanks so much for your help!


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Chocolate and Honey

By Colin Green, 2013-01-24

I'm always trying new things. Some "flop" and some are really successful. to date I only pan - an enrober is on my "wish list".

I'd like to experiment to see if I can incorporate honey into chocolate. I mean, actually combine these two really popular natural products.

Of course honey contains water which make chocolate seize. So I have not even tried that. Best I can source at the moment is 15% water content - that might be low enough for me to experiment. Any comments? Am thinking it is too high and would be sticky and would not polish.

I have tried some "dried honey" but so far it's not been wonderful as there are around 70% honey solids and 30% glucose. This makes it grainy and has a poor "mouth feel" when incororated into the chocolate itself. It IS "real honey" from bees - not from a plant.

Has anyone tried combining chocolate and honey in this way?



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