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Tempering, Chocovision, molds etc

user image 2015-08-31
By: Colin Green
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Hi all,

I have been panning for a while but have opened a shop in Sydney (Australia - not BC) and would like to dabble in making other products including using molds, making bark etc. Maybe even enrobing. I'd like to have a feature in my shop where Customers can come and watch and maybe even do some stuff with their own inclusions.

I have been looking at various options but it is all rather costly given that this is an idea only at this point. I looked at Chocovision but my respected consultant dismisses this as "toys". 

My question is, are these really serious units and is their tempering ability really good - in that it's simple and works 100% of the time?  I really have an open mind but not an open wallet to the degree some systems demand.

Any thoughts would be hugely appreciated please.

Thanks so much for your help!



Giuseppe Di Chiano
07/13/16 03:44:44AM @giuseppe-fbm:

Hi Colin, so many years passed by! Don't know if you already found what you are looking for, but please have a look at this link:

Our new batch tempering machine. Continuous was too expansive, wasn't it?

Colin Green
07/13/16 11:55:22PM @colin-green:

Hi Giuseppe.  Great to hear from you!  Nice looking machine.  I did purchase an Eztemper from Canada but have not done too much.  Mostly I'm working with panning only.  I was intending to coat strawberries with an enrober and tempering machine but eventually managed to do that with my existing pan.  I'm quite good at it now!  Kind regards

Colin :-)

KREA Swiss Food Equipment
01/15/16 10:20:11AM @krea-swiss-food-equipment:

 Hello Colin,

If you are looking for a tempering machine, unfortunatly I can't help you, but if you are interested in a melter unit, you can see our chocMELTER 20kg and if you have any doubts you can get back at me.

Good luck and want to say that I loved your shop concept.

Kind regards.

YOQ Tony
10/20/15 10:59:56PM @yoq-tony:

Hi Colin Green,

Have you foud the equipment you need? If not, maybe i can heple you. We are specialized chocolate machines manufacture.

if you need, Pls contact me at this email: or skype: yoqtony

Colin Green
09/01/15 06:53:17PM @colin-green:

Thanks Ruth.  I will take a look!

Ruth Atkinson Kendrick
09/01/15 10:04:23AM @ruth-atkinson-kendrick:

Look into the EZtemper. It is extremely easy to work with, and foolproof.