Cacao genetics

04/10/13 05:42:23PM
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I have 5-6 different cacao sub-species, can anyone identify by pod photos.
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Brad Churchill
04/10/13 06:12:47PM
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Hey Fin;

There is only one species, and it's calledTheobroma Cocoa. There are "varieties" though, and those varieties are primarily "Criollo" and "Forastero". There has been a lot of talk about a "Trinitario" variety, but I think these days claims of it existing are somewhat nebulous at best.

Typically Forastero pods are smooth and shaped like a footbal with rounded ends, while Criollohas a rough exterior, sometimes distinct ridges in the shell, and a fairly pronounced pointy tip. Color is a bit all over the board, but Criollo is often a very pale green(but can also be yellow), while Forastero is usually yellow or red when ripe.

Like I said though.... Color is less of an indicator than the shape and texture of the pods.

Hope that helps.


04/10/13 06:18:32PM
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04/10/13 11:07:17PM
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Totally confirms what I thought but I have pictures and I am familiar with Latin


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