Difficulty in dislodging Chocolate from Mould

jeff goh
06/11/14 06:02:47AM
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I have a question about the problem i've just encountered in dislodging those chocolate praline from the polycarbonate mould. First of all, let me explain the problem ..

I removed the praline mould from the refrigerators at the temp of about 10-13 degree celcius. The room temperature in my country was about 30 degree Celsius. I hit at the back of each single chocolate in the beginning and nothing came out of it. A couple of knocks before one of it dislodge by itself.

The overall process took sometimes and i knock on each of the praline to take it out . In you tube video, we saw how easy it was with one knocks and everything just came off like that.

Here I suspect some of my mistakes and i wonder if any of them were the problem.

1) during the sealing, i did not use heat gun to melt the top of the praline before sealing it with temper choc.

2) The chocolate shell could be too thin? could it be one of the cause?

3) Imnot knocking on harder surface and not enough of shock to dislodge all the chocolate. Im hitting with a steel spatula at the back of the polycarbonate to dislodge single piece instead of knocking it down on a hard surface with full force.

4) the chocolate is still too cold .

Thanks in advance .

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Stu Jordan
06/18/14 12:18:22AM
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Or 5. Your chocolate was not tempered correctly

And you need to tap the mold onto a surface, hitting it from above won't really work - what you describe in 3 could be part of the problem.

How long are you leaving your chocolate to retract after casting the shells? What are you doing with the fridge? Try putting shells in fridge after you have made them for 12 minutes, that may get your retraction process started, then fill them and leave them before sealing.

jeff goh
06/18/14 02:02:32AM
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I believe the mistakes came from putting the casted shells overnight and the next day only I started to do the filling. the fridge temperature at min , i could easily obtain about 10-12 degree celcius fr the thermometer read out.

I shall try again , Stu Jordan. tq


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