Santha 20 Melangeurs for sale - Europe

05/27/17 05:01:33AM
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Hello everyone, 

For anyone who is interested in starting bean to bar chocolate making I have two Santha 20 Melangeurs for sale. Both have been cleaned with sugar and I have made 1 batch of chocolade with them. The melangeurs come with speed controller. I am located in The Netherlands. 

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05/30/17 09:15:53AM
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Hi! Please send me photo at and cost. Thank you

06/01/17 03:58:32AM
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hallo Guus,
wat is de prijs? je kan me mailen op emile (at) zartpralinen punt at

Miguel Pujols
06/04/17 11:42:13PM
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Hello, do you still have the machines? If yes, please send me details and price to

Thank you.

06/06/17 11:02:32AM
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Hello, do you still have the melangeurs? Could you please send me the details and prices at We write you from Italy, we should come and pick the machines up! Thank you Maria&Paolo


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