How many cases in a pallet??????

Carley Felton
02/25/13 07:13:52PM
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I am having a little difficulty finding Belcolade distributors that I can use in my area (rural Colorado) The one I am currently using is being absorbed by Sysco and won't be carrying Belcolade anymore. So this leads to my question(s) about ordering in pallets from Belcolade in NJ itself.

Does anyone have any experience ordering pallets of chocolate? Shipping methods, costs etc. I would prefer not to have to order a whole pallet at a time as we are not that large yet, but it is looking more and more like that is what we may have to do. So I am trying to get as much help and info on this topic as I can. Please let me know if you need further details to help with this problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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02/26/13 09:35:19PM
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You can get Belcolade from Puratos USA. I believe they deliver nation wide. Their typical pallet is 40 cases x 55 lb, but you can order less. ( like 30 x 55) They will charge you a few 100 bucks for delivery though

Clay Gordon
02/27/13 02:44:57PM
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Carley -

Give Puratos a call and ask if there is another distributor in your area. While they may not schedule truck deliveries like Sysco there should be something close enough that you're not shipping pallets from NJ.

As for how many cases/pallet it depends on what size(s) and form factors the product comes in. I know Guittard has a 500lb minimum and they sell in 500gr bars (E Guittard line), 5kg boxes, and 25 and 50 lb boxes not to mention in bags and drums. So, depending on what you order, the number of cases can vary considerably.

clay -
Carley Felton
07/03/13 09:45:02PM
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