For SALE - Selmi tempering machine and enrobing machine

10/05/15 12:21:28AM
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Location: Singapore


Here is the product I am selling:

Legend - Continuous Tempering machine

modified in single phase - the standard is 3 phase


R200 Legend - Coating Machine Mod.legend


Machine bought in February 2015

30% discount

Price for the set: SGD16,000 or around 11,300USD

Incoterm FOB


Let me know

Enrobing.jpg  •  173KB

updated by @mathieu: 03/28/16 09:54:29PM
10/05/15 12:25:32AM
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With pictures. Better!

Tempering.JPG.jpg  •  416KB

Enrobing packed.JPG.jpg

02/02/16 01:40:40AM
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Hello, is this machine still available?

Ongko Wiyono
02/27/16 10:33:51AM
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Hello Mathieu,

I am interested with your Selmi package , how to contact you? May I have your email address and your contact number ? I am located in Jakarta , Indonesia . My email is . ThankYou 


Alan Evans
03/28/16 08:16:04PM
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Interested in this machine if still available. Please email me at Thx

06/13/16 11:41:28AM
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Is this machine still for sale?


Aimee Morrow
07/15/16 06:06:34PM
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Are these still for sale? Please email me at if so.

10/26/16 02:08:32AM
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Is this machine still available?

Please contact me at


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