Vegan Chocolate Company for Sale - Austin, TX

Sandy Phillips
07/05/16 08:16:17PM
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Our company makes 8 flavors of Vegan chocolates using interesting ingredients. We have multiple established whole sale customers in the Austin TX area year-round and seasonal online whole sale customers during the 4th quarter. Also included are multiple URLs which all direct to the same online store which does about 90% of our annual revenue.

Heavy equipment includes 2 AC/MC table top temperers with 6 bowls, 1 Santha 40Melanger, 1 Savage Brothers 50lb temperer and 2 wine fridges. Also included are various bar- and seasonal moulds.

Company also comes with all branded materials, logos, certifications and in-stock packaging and labels. We have a dedicated kitchen just outside Austin (Liberty Hill) TX where we have been for the last 3+ years.

We would prefer buyer in the Austin, TX area but will consider other offers. Price negotiable.

If interested, please call 408-832-0496 or email for more information.

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