online school for chocolate making

Rashmi Anand
09/29/14 07:26:54PM
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Can someone please advise on the ecole chocolate online school
updated by @rashmi-anand: 04/10/15 03:19:01PM
12/28/14 01:16:39PM
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I'd like to hear about this too - specifically the bean-to-bar program

Isabella Geddes
10/02/15 11:51:55AM
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I did the Chocolatier class with them. I did like it, but the lack of hands on one on one experience was sometimes frustrating. Especially when you are trying to temper chocolate for the first time on your own. You never have the immediate satisfaction of someone saying, yes that's tempered or no this is what you did wrong. On the other hand, I learned a lot about the beans/plantations, ingredients, industry... It was very useful as an introduction. I really wish that they had more videos and photography to guide you and that they offered a weekly class Skype meeting with the teachers or something similar. They say that many people in the world that take their classes don't have an internet connection that is good enough, but it would be great to offer the option.

I'm really interested in the bean to bar class. Based on my experience, I'm curious how much the bean to bar course would cover in terms of hands on bean to bar making. Can someone really take that class and begin a bean to bar business or is it more of an educational course about the movement?

I really don't regret taking the course it opened my eyes up to a whole new world of chocolate that is not just the confectionary part.


10/02/15 08:48:52PM
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I'm doing their Chocolatier class. Its very thorough, and you get a ton out of it, if you spend the time and do the work/practice. You only get out of it as much as you're willing to put into it. Its called a part-time intensive, but its heavy on the intensive part! I've fortunately got time to work at it daily, so I'm getting a lot of great experience and a ton of practice.


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