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Hilmir Kolbeins
10/19/10 11:40:03AM
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Hello again, I was looking for ways to melt and mostly to keep the chocolate warm

I came upon this electric warming tray, it has a teperature control and it ranges from 30 celcius to 95celcius

I was wondering if it would be safe to put the gastro tray like shown in the picture with veggies on the warming tray and keep it a low setting 30, would it harm the chocolate if the tray is in such close contact with the warmer. Does there have to be a space between the warmer and the chocolate tray.

If it is ok I can keep a few kilograms of chocolate warm for a good period of time.


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10/19/10 05:12:50PM
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Another idea for keeping choc warm is to use water bed heaters. They might be cheaper and have more surface area than the plate mentioned above, and I think they max out at a pretty low chocolate-safe temp (maybe 90-100F). They are also encased in rubber and roll up for storage (the ones i used to have did anyways).-mike
Hilmir Kolbeins
10/19/10 05:19:24PM
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I had considered that Idea about the bed warmers, when Im using the larger container I hang a heating bulp above and it keeps it nice and comfy.
Hilmir Kolbeins
10/20/10 08:35:23PM
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Anyone Anyone, Bueller BuellerIf not I guess Im gonna have to try MIkes idea out and see how it workes. Thanks Mike.
Omar Forastero
10/26/10 09:41:30AM
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Hi Hilmir,The best solution in my experience is to buy a tempering machine. The one with a tempering wheel gives the best results. http://gulfbusiness.tradeholding.com/default.cgi/action/viewproducts/productid/52402/productname/Chocolate_Tempering_Machine_50_Kgs/ hope this helps
Hilmir Kolbeins
10/26/10 01:39:01PM
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Oh yes, it is on the to do list in the future to get one of those.
11/03/10 03:48:03PM
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Hilmir, if you want to get some small Rev 1 tempering machines at a great price contact me directly. They can be great for teaching. No spam please. Erin@DoveDiscoveries.com. Thanks
11/03/10 06:26:46PM
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Clay has mentioned in the past using a proover. Back long ago when I worked at Pizza Hut we had huge walk in proovers. I thought that if you didn't want to let your grinder run overnight you could have it on wheels and wheel it into it at night. Anyway the concept is sound, you can get much smaller proovers.


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