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04/11/08 10:07:05PM
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Is anybody annoyed with Pralus's packaging? I like bars that can be rewrapped without having to get a ziploc bag or more foil. Pralus used to use a clear plastic bag. It was thick, durable and could be folded over and resealed to store a partially eaten bar. The packaging they changed to a while ago is a foil wrap with paper on the outside. I understand foil and paper is a good choice and possibly the plastic wrapper they used before could have imparted a slight odor that might mask the flavors of the chocolate. My problem is the foil they use now is too thin, it tears easily (especially at the corners if you are not careful) and makes it difficult to rewrap using the same foil. Making matters worse, they use an adhesive on the paper that attaches to the foil. This makes it almost impossible to to open the bar without tearing the foil from one end to the other of the bar. The paper wrapper simply can't be folded nicely around the bar either once it is opend. Domori uses a sealed plastic wrap (again the risk of an unneccessary odor infecting the bar, even if ever so slightly) inside the box, but you can easily fold the wrapper over the end of the bar and slide it in the box without taping it if you don't plan to store it for too long. Ideally, I like the foil wrappers that Valhrona and Cluizel use. They seem to be thicker, aren't adhered to other packaging with glue and can be refolded and placed back in the box for longer term storage. Any thoughts?
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sabrina hicks
05/16/08 12:07:00PM
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What I don't like about Pralus wrapping is that every time we get a box in, at least a few are no longer sealed! With all the layers they use, you'd think they would use a glue that kept those layers together.
05/16/08 05:46:14PM
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I think the best package design I've seen so far for premium bars is Dolfin's "tobacco pouch". I agree that those tissue-paper thin foils actually invite more problems than they solve.Amano's seems to be a nice blend of high quality foil plus the box. Bonnat doesn't use very thick foil and the little sleeve doesn't do much to protect the bar either.
Clay Gordon
05/17/08 01:09:46PM
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I agree with Cybele that Dolfin's tobacco pouch (and it is a real tobacco pouch by the way with a different paper insert, I asked the Poncelet brothers about this) is the most practical chocolate package in the world today. What I don't like, as a consumer, is the amount of plastic it uses.I would like Colin Gasko's packaging a lot more if the tab that closed the outer paper wrapper was easier to extract without the risk of damaging it. I like Askinosie's packaging a great deal (disclaimer: I helped a little bit on it), but I don't like the fact that I need to rip the top off the bag to get at the bar inside and there's no easy way to close the bag once opened. The mold for the Askinosie bars is brilliant.

clay -
06/18/08 11:56:17AM
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I think the best foil wrapper is used by Scharffen Berger. It's thick and large, making re-wrapping multiple times a breeze. In fact, you can even reuse those durable foil wrappers for other foods. Patric and Amano also have nicely thick foil, which is great.Askinosie's mold is pretty stylish, I agree, and I also like Chocovic's mold.
06/19/08 09:29:17AM
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The Neuhaus Occumare bar had a very durable inner wrapper of tan foil lined paper. I was impressed that it was the most durable I've ever seen. I didn't care for the ribbon tied cardboard "book" outer wrapper, though. (And I was really disappointed by the chocolate.)Green and Black's gold foil lined paper is also quite durable and nice looking.I, too, agree that the Dolfin tobacco pouch is the most functional package I've seen, plus it's water proof! It's kind of funky, though, since it's so different from all others. It seems somewhat plebeian compared to other fancier packages.
06/22/08 07:14:58PM
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G&B's foil lined paper? My bars have been flimsy foil, with the G&B's logo all over, which is nice but....uh, necessary? Anyway, finally someone who thinks the Neuhaus Occumare (Two C or not two C? That is the question!) is disappointing. What's up with texture in all those Neuhaus bars anyway? Feels more like mousse or ganache than pure chocolate.The worst is Amedei and their tiny 5g square origin kit. Every time I bought some the chocolate was flat and stale, tasting like paper. If they can't invest into 50g bars, then please, please, please invest in better packaging. I hate throwing away money.


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