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Deforestation in Cacao growing regions?

I haven't done much research on...
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Susana Garcia
05/10/10 10:34:56PM @susana-garcia:
Hey!That's a short visit, but it'll be fun for sure!I live here in nyc, I moved around 7 years ago and for the last 3 and a half years, I've been more focused on pastry work. How about you?By the way, your daughter is gorgeous.Susana
Susana Garcia
05/07/10 02:56:31AM @susana-garcia:
I was totally disappointed with Cacao Sampaka. When I was first browsing through the store checking out the different products, reading the list of ingredients,... I don't know, it's just one of those places where you don't need to try the stuff to know it's all about the marketing. I was not impressed at all. But things could have changed by now, so, you should check it out.You should definitely check out Xavier Mor ( ), he might be what you're looking for. I dind't know about him when I was visiting Barcelona, so I never tried his stuff. His factory is in Belgium and his research and development lab is in Barcelona. The last time I read about the chocolate he was using (this was more than 3 years ago) he said the criollo from Chuao. I think he sells chocolate all over the world, you may have tried his stuff already. I hear he's more focused on the product than on the packaging.Sorry if this info is outdated. Let me know if I can help with anything else. Enjoy your trip!Susana
Susana Garcia
05/07/10 02:56:24AM @susana-garcia:
If you're interested at all in checking them out, I really liked Enric Rovira ( ). Barcelona is a contrast of very old traditions and very modern ones. You find this in the architecture and you see it in the chocolate. So it might not necessarily be of much interest to you.I appreciated what he was doing because he broke from the tradition of generations of Spanish chocolatiers and he is one of the few doing something different and creative (he does a lot of pan coating, some with old fashioned ingredients and some with more risky combos). His showpieces are gorgeous, very simple, modern and minimalist and he uses some interesting techniques.He also has different single origin bars, I tried a few I liked. He's got a factory, I can't remember anymore, I think outside Barcelona and a store in the city. He's got his shop right next to his dad's (he's a second generation chocolatier) and you can see how he wasn't interested at all in the conventional stuff he grew up with. Waking into his dad's shop and then into his own is an interesting contrast, it shows you a lot about how Spain is changing. His style is really visual, so he's also pretty obsessed with packaging.
Susana Garcia
05/07/10 02:55:19AM @susana-garcia:
Hi Brady,I'm not really up to date with chocolate as I used to in the past. In any case, my work had always been more focused on moulding, enrobing, and afterwards on showpieces, rather than the bean to bar field. In Barcelona I know of a bunch of chocolatiers/pastry chefs that you might want to check out such as Oriol Balaguer (shop in Barcelona), Enric Rovira (shop in B), Ramon Morato (co-founder of Cacao Sampaka), Jordi Butron, Baixas (shop in B) and the Escriba family (several shops in B).When I visited to check all these guys out, I have to say I was very disappointed with what I found, the level in general was pretty mediocre compared to the stuff I had done in New York. Spain is big in gastronomy, but when it comes to pastry and chocolate I feel it's pretty behind other countries such as France, Italy and many many places in the US.
Adriennne Henson
01/06/10 08:08:21PM @adriennne-henson:
Hi Brady,I was glad that you came to the store to visit and to be able to taste new chocolates. We all have our different talents in our passion for chocolates and it's always good being able to talk to you for you are a very nice person and down to earth!!!!!!!!!!!Adrienne
07/23/09 08:14:22AM @ivica:
Brady Hi, I would like to ask your permission to use one of your photos. I'm building a website about cacao and chocolate. It is going to be very visual, i.e. large photos and little text. Among your pictures are a few that are simply stunning! If you are not against it, please write to my email Many thanks, Ivica
06/30/09 10:09:14PM @lourdes:
No , estas confundido de Lourdes, yo vivo en Ecuador
Koa Kahili
10/05/08 10:14:41PM @koa-kahili:
yes we can make a bar without coconut or mac nuts, we have made special orders before, its not cheap. If your serious call me and we can talk.
The Republic Of Chocolate
10/05/08 08:16:58PM @the-republic-of-chocolate:
hello brady thanks a lot for acepting my request..
Koa Kahili
10/05/08 01:16:53PM @koa-kahili:
Aloha, we are a small company, this year we are only making chocolate for Kauai, we have over 4000 tree starts that will hopefully get in the ground soon, when these trees mature in 3 to 4 years will have enough chocolate for export.
Eric Durtschi
08/23/08 12:05:49PM @eric-durtschi:
Thanks for your help. I have a client that owns several hotels and an airline in Hawaii and they wish to buy my product but only if I can make it with Hawaiian cacao.Thanks and by the way, chocolate alchemy is a great source but they don't have half as many varieties as what I offer and John's prices are much higher. However, it is a great source of info.Thanks again
Eric Durtschi
08/22/08 12:48:33AM @eric-durtschi:
Hello, you mentioned that you had been at a plantation in Kona, do you know if it is possible to purchase cacao from some plantations out there and have them sent here for making bean to bar?
Hallot Parson
08/22/08 12:37:14AM @hallot-parson:
Hi Brady.I have 2 lines of bars. There are 9 bars in the Escazu line, which have various flavors, and are 3.5 oz. The Ocumare bar that you have is one that I make from the bean under the EZCA line. Currently I am only selling those bars online, in my shop, and at Fog City News in San Francisco. How did you come across the bar? I hope that you enjoyed it.Hal
Jay Olins
06/29/08 11:57:19PM @jay-olins:
Thank you so very much for clarifying the matter. I certainly didn't want to be accused of "Pulp Fiction." I don't recall if I offered to send you my Excel sheet of bars I've collected. If you want it, then perhaps you can point out some that I've overlooked? Just need your email - jay @
Runner NYC
04/28/08 02:10:11PM @runner-nyc:
I hope you'll be my friend! ;)You've got some awesome pictures on here!!
Jay Olins
04/17/08 12:02:08AM @jay-olins:
Rum Raisin? I was under the impression that the other ingredient was in fact cacao pulp. My error?
Clay Gordon
03/09/08 02:31:03PM @clay:
Hey Brady: Where were all the pod photos taken? There's a cool "locate" feature for the photos where you can indicate where in the world they were taken.
03/09/08 01:14:18AM @sera:
Thanks for your help for Chocolate searching in NYC! I appreciate it.I haven't been to some of the places on your list, I"ll have to check them out. :)
Clay Gordon
03/02/08 11:27:01AM @clay:
Brady:Welcome to The Chocolate Life!I have to assume that the plantation in Kona was Bob and Pam Cooper's Original Hawaiian Chocolate. If you have photos to post of what you saw, I am sure members would enjoy seeing them.