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Mathew P
06/25/11 10:02:08PM
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Hello -

Mobile Apps are becoming very popular these days and I think food and beverages industry can take good advantage of it. I am an expert mobile apps programmer for iPhone, BlackBerry & android, I would love to help and advise if somebody here is interested.

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Omar Forastero
06/29/11 02:13:03AM
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Hi Mathew,

I'm def interested. Why don't you design a chocolate application?

Mathew P
06/29/11 10:52:30PM
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Hi Omar,

What kind of app you have in mind. Lets take it to next step.

Stu Jordan
07/08/11 09:24:14PM
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We will be launching our app very soon, it is certainly a growth area and gets the next generation interacting with your brand. A good app takes a lot of development though, ours is 4 months already, and about another 2 to go - we have the basics done, I have even run through it on the test phase, and once it is done, I will post the details here so people can download it and have a play!
Mathew P
09/12/11 05:14:59AM
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If you are seriously thinking about mobile apps, you will definitely love this -
Clay Gordon
09/13/11 10:23:32AM
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