Difficulty tempering my own chocolate in Chocovision Revolation x3210

Katie Wilson
11/18/14 12:10:00PM
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I am a new member to this site hoping someone may be able to help me with tempering my chocolate, I roast myself.

I am able to temper it perfectly by hand, but for some reason I can't seem to get it right with the chocovision machine. The chocolate is 70% Ghana, I select the dark chocolate mode and have played around with bringing up the melting point to see if it helps. So far I've brought it to 50C and then used the second temper mode and brought it down to 31. I have also tried bringing it down to 30, and 29. I have brought it down to 28 before but with a melting point of 45.

The results I have been getting are shiny but not a hard enough snap and soft when bitten into.

It appears tempered, but the snap is too soft. I am thinking of trying a higher melting point to see if that is the problem?

Any comments or advice is greatly appreciated!



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Carlos Eichenberger
11/18/14 01:44:45PM
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Try going even lower, 27.5 or 27, possibly your chocolate is under-crystallized.

Another option is using some properly tempered seed chocolate.

Katie Wilson
11/18/14 09:21:05PM
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thanks! ill give that a try, although it seems to get quite thick once i go to a low temp like 29 even. what confuses me is that I don't used tempered seed chocolate when i temper by hand and its fine, but for some reason the machine is different. Not sure if its something i am doing or possibly the machine itself.

Isaac Ekblad
11/25/14 11:24:50PM
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I'm having the same problem with my chocovision rev 2. I can temper fine by hand, but with this machine I've only done it right once or twice. I bring it up to around 115, down to around 81, then back up to 90. Can't get it to work. Also noticed that when I test the temperature of the chocolate with my thermometer, it differs from what the screen on the machine says...

Mark Gerrits
11/27/14 06:58:32AM
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i don't have any experience with a rev 2. i have a Delta. Sounds as though it might be an issue with temperature probe on your baffle. do you have another baffle to try? apparently washing the baffle with too warm of water can damage the temp probe, FYI.

Katie Wilson
11/30/14 11:25:34AM
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I have done the exact same thing, and i also checked with my thermometer and the temperature was different. I am wondering if like Mark Gerrits mentioned, I have cleaned it with water that was too hot. I have also had it stop on me in the middle of tempering and go back to the beginning with the C sign for celcius.. not sure why that happened. I have yet to try tempered seed chocolate though, that will be my next experiment. I'll let you know how that goes.

12/02/14 05:43:10PM
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Your problem is that you aren't using seed chocolate. The Chocovision X3210 doesn't have the cooling ability you need when tempering without seed chocolate.

My solution which worked for me is tempering about a pound of chocolate by hand, and using that as seed chocolate. I bet that will solve you problem.


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