Sugar or fat bloom or not tempered?

03/19/15 06:43:27PM
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I got my Delta machine and started brand new batch. I used default Milk, and try to temper 5lb chocolate as a trial. See the picture..... Is it sugar/fat bloom? Or it is simply not tempered? The default setting is far off the temperature chart from the vendor.


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03/20/15 01:11:56AM
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Fat bloom.

Either chocolate not correctly tempered or moulds at wrong temperature.

03/20/15 09:34:49AM
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Thanks. I will try to temper again. The moulds are at RT. Is it possible of wrong cooling?

David Menkes
03/26/15 03:53:17AM
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What is the temperature of the room? What cooling temp and for how long? Only time we really ran into that issue was when the molds were too warm. We also aim for 68F ambient room temp.

06/14/15 11:00:48AM
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Susie, just saw this post, but thought I'd say that most of the table top tempering machines come with pre-set tempering curves for milk chocolate that are way off for many couvatures. We always manually override the end temp to match the tempering curve for the specific chocolate that we're using. And, we work with room temperature molds that are at 68-70 degrees F. Hope that helps!


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