Piping Bag Frustrations. PLEASE Help!

Brad Churchill
07/29/15 06:37:01PM
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If you've ever tried to give a cat a bath by yourself, well.... that's what it's like trying to load marshmallow into a piping bag by yourself!!!!!

I swear I got more marshmallow on me than out the end of the tip of the bag!!!

Where can I find an apparatus that holds the bloody piping bag wide open while I scoop stuff into it - and I mean a BIG aparatus - not one of those dinky Wilton piping bag stands for the happy homemaker and her cup of blue icing.

I find it absolutely ridiculous that I can buy piping bags everywhere in this city, but when I ask for a stand or a holder, the sales guy looks at me with this "deer in the headlights" look, then says "Uhhhhhh....".

I appreciate the help.

Frustrated Brad.... 

07/29/15 10:14:49PM
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A tall, plastic drinking glass that is a few inches shorter than the bag; drape the top over the edge of the glass.  Fill the bag, scrape along the edge if you like and then pull it up and out and proceed to pipe.  Been doing it this way for years.  The reason you get blank stares is that most pastry professionals are accustomed to holding it in one hand and filling with the other...I never could master that.

Ruth Atkinson Kendrick
07/29/15 10:50:19PM
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I use a 2-qt pitcher. Anything that holds the bag open works.

07/30/15 12:23:03AM
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We use a tall and narrow 3 Qt. cambro and then just pour directly in from the mixing bowl. What size pastry bag are you using?

Brad Churchill
07/30/15 06:35:35PM
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Piping bag is large - about 18 inches, and holds close to 4 litres (quarts).  I have other smaller piping bags but rarely use them.


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