What is closest Guittard chocolate to what See's uses?

02/15/17 07:57:15AM
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I have been molding some chocolates using Callebaut Belgian Semi-Sweet Callets 811NV-595 and Belgian Intense Bittersweet Callets 60-40-38NV.  I would now like to try a Guittard chocolate similar to what See's uses.  They apparently use a custom mixture.  Aside from Guittard's vintage chocolate, I don't see a wide variety of Guittard online.  I bought the Callebaut from Gygi and they have Guittard French Vanilla Dark Chocolate Block.  I will try this, but would prefer to find a better starting point.  I am focusing on chocolate in the $8-$13 per kg range (in ~50 kg quantity).

02/15/17 09:43:33AM
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Have you tried searching the Guittard inventory at Chocosphere?  It seems rather robust to me. In wafers alone, they have 31 different listings for dark, 11 for milk, and 7 for white.  Keep in mind that there are duplicate counts due to different quantities for each flavor, e.g., buying 1Kg, 3Kg, or 25 lbs packages.  Still, it's a solid list to choose from, and I find that Chocosphere organizes quite well.


02/15/17 11:21:32AM
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Thanks.  That looks like a good selection that I missed.

Clay Gordon
02/15/17 04:12:30PM
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Mitch -  

Chocosphere is a great recommendation. Ask them for the closest equivalent as start.

Because I have worked with a Guittard distributor I can tell you that make maybe two dozen different darks and a dozen milks. Many are packaged for food service applications that you won't find generally available.

Where are you located? I would contact Guittard and ask for their local sales rep. You can tell them what you want and they can recommend something and they will provide samples. If your needs are large enough you may be able to lower your costs.

:: Clay

clay - http://www.thechocolatelife.com/clay/
02/15/17 04:39:17PM
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Thanks.  I will do what you suggest.  I am in Providence, Rhode Island.



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