Uniform Cacao Grinding

Preston Stewart
05/04/17 05:02:57PM
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Hello everybody, I'm curious if anybody has any experience with grinders to reduce the size of nibs, but not for chocolate making, but rather for brewed cacao?  I'm trying to get a small uniform particle size without it turning into paste due to the high fat content.  

Brad Churchill
05/18/17 02:35:05AM
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This will work great for you.  We have one, and can completely break nibs into almost powder, or into larger pebble sized pieces without creating a paste.

All you need is the breaker


05/20/17 07:10:24PM
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I have a question about the stone grinder machine...

I am in the proccess of making my own machine but i do not know the name of the stone.... i mean, i imagine that should be a special stone.

anybody know the name? or what kind of stone can i use


Brad Churchill
05/21/17 12:57:46AM
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