Chocolate sides caving in?

Michelle-Jo Garfield
11/29/11 05:36:42AM
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Just wondering if anyone can tell me why some of my chocolates sides cave in after a few days. Im' guessing its either from the shell being too thin or the mixture having too much moisture.

They look great at first and then a few days later. the sides are all concave.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Cocoa Jo

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Justin Schaffer
11/29/11 03:19:44PM
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Do you let your ganache set overnight before you cap it or enrobe it ? The ganache will shrink and suck the sides of your chocolate in..

This is the short version to a long answer...

Hope it helps !! :)

Michelle-Jo Garfield
11/29/11 03:28:29PM
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Thank you!...I usually do but in this particular case I didn't. Thanks I will try again and see how it goes.

Jasmine Mead
11/30/11 03:52:18PM
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I exclusively use square magnetic molds for my truffles, and the same thing was happening to me. I reduced the amount of cream I used by about 2 tsp and haven't had the problem since.

Good luck!

Mark Heim
11/30/11 09:52:11PM
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Look at the moisture level and the sugar types and levels.If the water isn't tied up enough by the sugars it will easily migrate into the chocolate, making the chocolate soft, and the center will shrink and firm up. How the chocolate is standardized to viscosityalsoinfluences how fast the migration occurs.


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