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Rick Jordan
09/07/11 23:43:25 @rick-jordan:

Justin! thanks man; the boutique the culmination of an incredibly challenging journey and the beginning of another ;) i'm very fortunate.

So far things have been great, considering the season...there are slow days but over all i'm up; i'm crazy busy trying to get things right and keep up...a lot of loose ends to sort before we get busy w/ holidays.

How are things down there? i so envy your deep sea life...thats were i belong.

Hope all is well my friend and give me some news!

anna mazzoccoli
09/07/09 18:34:38 @anna-mazzoccoli:
Justin-Yes, the equipment listed is still available (I only posted it yesterday...) I will call you tomorrow. Do you have a shop already?
Brian Donaghy
08/11/09 09:06:17 @brian-donaghy:
Justin.Yes, we will be at the Philly Candy Show . . . I will be shell moulding and panning. Stop on by, bring your friends! See you there.b
kurtis baguley
06/27/09 19:27:43 @kurtis-baguley:
ok, Im back.Ending thought on the airbrush. I only use a cheap badger now. From Michaels art supply. The difference is that it does not draw cocoa butter through the brush itself, so It dosent clog easily. They work great. Nothing more frustrating than having to prep 80 molds and deal with constant clogs....that badger costs 30 bucks.I never hardly clean my mould cavities. Only when a have an occational color stick. I first spray with a pre-spray of 70% cocoa butter and 30% dark chocolate. Heated to 40 to 42c. stay right there at that temp. Be careful to not over spray (to much). this gives that mind blowing bass boat shine and subdues the bright colors a bit. Let it sit to cure, an hour or so, over night is cool too. Nowin goes the color. be careful to not heat the cocoa butter hotter than 42c. this is where you can get real creative with several colors etc. I recomend to use the artisan collection (chef rubber) it dosent contain any silica to clog brushes, like the satin varities and so on. If you are wanting colors to show brightly when you're shelling with dark chocolate, be sure to back up your colors with a white cocoa butter.I learned a lot of information Ewald notter and Vincent Pilon. One big key is, don't be afraid to go through the learning curve. It humbles you, which is a healthy thing.Good Luck my friend. Let me know if any of this helps you.Shake my cage if you have any more q's-KB
Brian Donaghy
04/02/09 10:43:24 @brian-donaghy:
Justin.Regarding spraying . . . from application of the butter, how long until you try to mould. This can make a big difference. Too short and color moves, too long and color stays. We have some info on our website about use of colored cocoa butter (www.tomric.com) or contact me directly here or from our website.brian