wrapping chocolate

Christine de Massis
06/03/12 11:53:42AM
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Hello everyone...do you guys think i can wrap my chocolate bars using some kind of celofane paper, wrap tightly and then put a sticker on? the thing is I want something different and creative! let me know what your thoughts are.

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Tupaemanaia Steve Brown
06/03/12 04:50:25PM
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we just wrapped ours in plastic and will put a sticky label on


06/04/12 10:32:22PM
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Well, it will not look different because I am already using the same mold and a very similar bag with a sticker.

antonino allegra
06/05/12 04:09:21PM
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Debra Fleck
06/11/12 02:54:54PM
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as long as it is air tight and food safe you can use anything to the imagination.

Rick Kiyak-Boughton
06/11/12 07:27:04PM
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Greetings, We have been in the biz for 10 years and never used plastic we heat seal 100% plant cellulose bags. The only problem we ever had was they can become unstable if they are shipped in VERY cold weather. Ice packs never bothered them but freezing temps can. Any guestions?. You can get bags in almost any size as well as sheets. Rick ,Green Goddess Organic Chocolates.


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