Anyone use the Krebs LM45 spraygun?

Serena ML
07/16/13 05:40:18PM
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I am looking to purchase an airbrush/spraygun that is food safe. The only designated food safe item that I could find is the Krebs LM45. I've seen relevant posts on this topic but I'd like to hear more from others who've had experience with the LM45spraying chocolate/cocoa butter.

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KREA Swiss Food Equipment
07/22/14 09:56:48AM
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Sorry for the late reply- we haven`t spent as much time on the forum as we should have.

There are a few reviews and videos on the KREBS website.

You can also use the KREBS LM25 multiSPRAY- it has less power but generally works really well with up to 75% chocolate / 25% cocoa butter- is cheaper and lighter compared to the LM45 and can be used for oils etc.

Or if you want a dedicated chocolate spray gun, then there is now a heated nozzle version hotCHOC that keeps the nozzles free and had hardly any messy over spray.


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