01/11/11 02:55:01AM
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Hi there,

Can anybody help me with a good contact for good molds?



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Casey Hickey
01/11/11 08:21:36AM
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I actually have some molds i'm no longer using, if you are interested. these are the magnetic type that allow you to insert a texture or transfer sheet. they are rectangular shaped with inverted, curved corners. if you have any interest, email me directly at and i will send you a link and provide more info.
Andre Costa
01/11/11 09:29:18AM
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Hi Karlien.

Check out:

Chocolat-Chocolat ( ) - Canada,

JB Prince ( ) - New York

I have some other companies, but they are on my favorites back home. I will add them later today, unless someone else adds them before me.

01/12/11 02:24:16AM
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Thanks so much i will contact them. I looked at molds from india a while back but cant seem to find the website again.... they make custom molds also and seem to be quite reasonably priced. Do you have any contacts from there?
George Trejo
01/12/11 03:18:11PM
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I've used a few different brands of molds, my favorite by far are Chocolate World molds. They are available from Tomric by special order, or which has a good number in stock.

My least favorite are the Tomric molds that they make themselves, which I think is everything that isn't labeled as a "european mold" in their catalog. These are just awful in my opinion.

E. Rose
01/13/11 02:24:00AM
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Hi Karlien!

I have just published a new post on my blogon "how to make Valentines chocolates" - you can check here my recommendations for molds chocolate treats for chocoholics .

For unique Valentines chocolate gift ideas - click here

Good luck!

The most comprehensive guide for buying gourmet chocolate gifts-
your gourmet chocolate site!
01/13/11 03:20:01AM
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Thank youso much for the information and your opinion it is much appreciated!

I am visitng FL in early Feb and would love to taste your chocolate maybe learn more about it, your operation etc. Where would i be able to buy some of your creations?



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