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Dominica Schaaf
09/13/09 05:02:38PM @dominica-schaaf:
Hello there! I heard that you are the best chocolate blogger on the net! I would love nothing more if you checked out my chocolate company- and let me know your thoughts!Warm Regards,Dominica Schaaf
Sarah Gross
05/27/09 06:26:19PM @sarah-gross:
Hi Corrine,Gnosis is based out of NY, we have no pemanent CA staff. Sounds like an awesome event though!
Stephanie Rush
05/27/09 04:21:25PM @stephanie-rush:
Corinne, thank you. I would like to attend. However, I will be out of town that weekend. Maybe next time....Stephanie
Luis Dinos Moro
05/20/09 05:25:07AM @luis-dinos-moro:
Hi Corinne nice to meet you.Luis
Sarah Gross
04/20/09 09:44:29PM @sarah-gross:
Hi Corinne,There definitely are some amazing dairy-free chocolates out there.They let the cocoa shine with few distractions. I am working on a website to showcase all the wrappers and my take on their tastes, appearance, etc. But my current fave is Mast Chocolate in Fleur de Sel 81% (though I haven't had anything from Mast that wasn't amazing). Michel Cluzel Los Ancones is another recent favorite. And Schardden Berger's 99% is a go-to for an everyday fix. :)
Sarah Gross
04/17/09 07:32:16PM @sarah-gross:
Wow 842+ days without respite? I have been trying new dairy-less chocolates for a year and a half, but I def take days off when I find myself wanting chocolate for every meal!