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Rajarajeshwari Kainthaje
01/25/10 07:09:04 @rajarajeshwari-kainthaje:
Thanks for friend request , Sarah.Are you a chocolate maker ? I aspire to be a chocolate maker. I am a Cacoa grower and a Chocolatier as well.Raji.
Corinne C. DeBra
05/27/09 16:33:27 @corinne-c-debra:
Yes, NYC based...However, for some reason I was thinking you were in Santa Cruz from previous email. Maybe you were out visiting. Anyway, I've tried 4 flavors and looking forward to more as I can find them locally. best ccd
Corinne C. DeBra
05/27/09 16:15:47 @corinne-c-debra:
Hope you're doing well. I'm throwing a chocolate-related event in downtown Palo Alto, Sun., June 7, from 2-5 p.m. I'll try to include gnosis in the sampling. Let me know if you think you can make it; would be fun to meet local chocolate lifers. -- best ccd
Corinne C. DeBra
04/20/09 19:11:44 @corinne-c-debra:
Thx Sarah. Yes, today I enjoyed more than 950 consecutive days of eating different chocolates. And there are so many yet to go/and or create! I've tried a variety of dairy-free chocolates and/or dishes. Some are better than others. Let me know if you have favorites I may not have tried.
Soft centred
04/06/09 15:38:14 @soft-centred:
I hope you find the book and like what you see!
Luis Dinos Moro
03/31/09 15:02:27 @luis-dinos-moro:
don't they sell Gnosis at whole foods?
03/15/09 10:55:40 @hans:
I'm almost embarrassed to say but I never tried Vila Gracinda. I see it in the store but just never pick it up. Are you "apprenticing" at Gnosis to become a chocolatier?
03/06/09 09:16:05 @hans:
Believe me, I would love to but the reviewers site is down at the moment, and I don't know when it'll be back up. Hopefully soon because I have some other bars I want to review, such as Amano's Jembrana and the Taza line. Would you say this is your favorite Sao Tome chocolate to date?
03/05/09 01:02:13 @bhuvan:
hey thanks...what do you do Sarah!
03/03/09 23:14:32 @hans:
Hey, thanks! Maybe we'll write a review about Gnosis someday in The Nibble. If so, you can be our go-to gal!
03/03/09 14:35:12 @hans:
Hi Sarah, nice to meet you (virtually, that is). Never heard of Gnosis Chocolate before; is it new?
Michael Margolis
03/03/09 13:46:31 @michael-margolis:
Right on! Well consider yourself invited then. :-)
Michael Margolis
03/03/09 13:35:22 @michael-margolis:
yes, some chocolate tastings are in order...thinking of a little birthday bash in NYC towards end of April. Where are you based?
Jay Olins
05/05/08 19:50:32 @jay-olins:
So far, I have boxes stuffed with all the wrappers. I'm trying to make the time to scan, though photos would be the best. Really enjoyed your photos.For the life of me I can't figure out who bought Russian bars in Brighton. That could be England or USA. Do you know who?
Jay Olins
04/30/08 21:48:51 @jay-olins:
Sarah, does the shop in Brighton sell online? I too am a collector and would love to secure those four bars you mentioned.
Sarah Gross
04/09/08 13:21:16 @sarah-gross:
That's a good question. The factory might already be closed now, I know it only had a few months left. But I think I booked it through one of the few English tour companies in Moscow, that was one of the few tours they offered. It was through "Patriarshy Dom Tours" spelled just that way.
04/08/08 18:22:24 @chocoflyer:
Hi Sarah- im not sure I asked you before- how did you manage to tour a choc factory in Moscow?!? sounds exotic and amazing....
02/02/08 16:42:40 @chocoflyer:
Yes unfortunately its a long way off, but until then maybe we can share our wrapper collections thru this website! I'll be posting them periodically from my collection- really exotic, foreign, unusual and rare ones will be fun to share- can you share yours too?
02/01/08 16:32:09 @chocoflyer:
I agree- finding an ethnic area with lots of their own little import groceries (like Russian or Polish etc...) is so fun- I was surprised to find a good handful of Eatern European shops here in Tampa/St. Pete with a very large/diverse choc selection! Also Italian neighborhoods are great....Ill be in NYC for the Nov. Choc Show for sure (and to see Wicked!)Maybe we can meet there?
01/31/08 20:31:31 @chocoflyer:
This is why I love this webiste- to meet others of like mind- and confirm im not the only one out there collecting Choc wrappers from around the world! I have thousands, have been collecting for many many years, and unless i already have it i CANNOT throw a choc bar wrapper away! they are all lovingly cared for in scrap books- I also collect pics of choc shops and magazine ads. I just love the Presentation of choc, how diff companies market it - I was going to major in Advertising but chose the travel biz instead! So I travel for cheap to visit all the choc shops i can!