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Langdon Stevenson
12/17/08 01:40:33 @langdon-stevenson:
Thanks Donald, that is just the kind of thing that I was hoping to hear. Accounting software seems to be everyones least favorite program, so I think that it is time something was done about it. Looking forward to hearing more.
Langdon Stevenson
12/17/08 01:03:36 @langdon-stevenson:
Hi Donald, I noted your comment in your Startup group introduction that you hate Quickbooks. I am interested to hear why (if you don't mind the question). One of the things that I am doing (wearing my other hat as a software developer) is building a bookkeeping system for my business to let me dump MYOB (equivalent to Quickbooks). I am contemplating making it available to other businesses as well, so am interested to hear what you really want from an accounting system. Feel free to email me directly if you would like discuss this a bit further:
Clay Gordon
12/16/08 07:35:56 @clay:
Donald:Welcome to TheChocolateLife. I know the Portland chocolate scene is pretty active. I've visited Alma (the salted caramel nutty bar is awesome) and Sahgaun (love the chile lemonade). Want to visit more places but time did not allow. I worked for KBOO back in the '70s and I am looking forward to another trip there soon.