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Chocolate making machinery (part 1) - Buying second hand

This series of articles is not about...
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Langdon Stevenson

Make yourself dispensable

The majority of small businesses fail...
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Marabel Farms
03/14/09 04:13:51PM @marabel-farms:
Hello Langdon,Sorry for the late response, I was in the Dominican Republic and just got back yesterday. As far as pests, I personally don't have that problem with our farms or other farms that we work with. There are a few factors that help us:1) Weather, no extreme changes in temprature2) Not planting trees on an even land, instead we plant them on a hillside.3) Plant other trees to act as shades.4) Keep the ground very cleanthanks,Vaagn
kwasi sefa
02/20/09 12:56:56PM @kwasi-sefa:
Dear Mr stevensonthanks a lot for your reply yes i will l want someone or a company to start a business in y Ghana, or assistance from someone who knows cocoa processing to start a business in Ghana? we would like to produce cocoa powder and cocoa liquer and any related cocoA PRODUCT. i believe you know Ghana is a major cocoa producing country. i will be glad if you can help us to get the right investors. also we are not to defraud any body since many e mails eminate from africa with fraudlent intentions.we will be glad for you to give us as much advice as you could to help us to achieve our aim. please revert with more quieries
Christine Doerr
01/06/09 06:56:24PM @christine-doerr:
Thanks! But all the photographical styling credit goes to "Lisa Whalen Photographer"
Donald Tyler
12/17/08 03:30:20AM @donald-tyler:
Here's a shot preview before I get more into depth in a later email...I'm using the latest Mac version of QB (I've read the PC version is much better but don't feel like installing VM-ware to run windows) and it feels under-developed and poorly executed. For most of the tasks QB requires me to take a non-intuitive approach to manage them. For example there should only be one method to add expenses: Add and expense assign it to an account - done till reconciled. QB currently makes me add cash or check payments in one section and credit cards in another, To me that's inefficient for me time wise and it's inefficient programming on QB's part. i have a vague object model in my head and see 2 classes preforming the same function. Granted my O.O. is rusty but hopefully you get the picture.
Langdon Stevenson
10/14/08 10:53:57PM @langdon-stevenson:
:-) It's a small (chocolate) world ...