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Melanie Lammers
04/22/11 13:18:06 @melanie-lammers:

Hi Elaine,

Was just wondering if you were ever able to touch base with Marion Stock and if you know how she is doing? Thanks.


Confectionately Yours

07/02/10 09:03:42 @gg:
I have found a bit of Pataxte here in Guatemala. Going to make Hot chocolate with it soon.Will post results here. : )Gg
John Hepler
04/19/10 23:37:22 @john-hepler:
Hi ElaineDumb me. Now i realize the pataxte is that lovely, ruffled white-looking pod. So NO, my Nica white cacao is NOT pataxte. The pod looks very similar to all the rest but the seeds are white.
John Hepler
04/05/10 18:38:31 @john-hepler:
Yes, it may well be the same as pataxtle-- distinguishing characteristic is the new leaves are pale green instead of pale red like all the rest.I spent a month in Chiapas, mid Dec to mid Jan to be able to contrast the cacao situation there with that in Nicaragua, with which i am more familiar.Amazing finding 1]-- default is NOT ferment; no premium paid, why bother. I'd very much like to know when this change occurred.2] deal w unfermented cacao by roasting the hell out of it, actually burning by my taste3] The legendary Soconusco- ARRASTRADO de cacao! There is still some back off the PAcific plain but a good amount of monilia. [i'd like to know-- in the old Maya times, did they grow it on the plain or back into the hills? When did the monilia come into being?]4] Where the Ocosingo valley runs into the Lancandon, I saw two cacao farms a few miles apart-- one descuidado, with monilia; the other perfectly cared for with OUT monilia. This gives me great hope.So tell me true, is the default condition of Mexican cacao (as sold to the giant industries) unfermented? I assume few people believe in the superiority of fermented. of course to me the advantage is clear, much less roasting, more wonderful tastes.Your comments please4]
John Hepler
04/04/10 21:34:44 @john-hepler:
Elaine-- I would like to chat with you about fermentation of cacao in Mexico. Also about the disease Monilia. Please let me know, J Sandy Hepler
Jamie Jeffries
06/07/09 15:29:01 @jamie-jeffries:
Gracias, Elaine for writing back to me. It was good to reminisce. I've just been looking through some photos of that trip. I'll put some on my page soon. I feel badly that the photo taken of you, me & Susana by a pal with my camera, did not turn out.I was drooling over a photo of my Budino de Chocolate. It stirred another memory for me. I was staying in la casita at Rancho Aurora 3 years ago, while you were teaching a class. Although I couldn't take the class, I was invited to join in & eat your fab creations. Wasn't I lucky?My address is: 708 Monarch Way, Santa Cruz, Ca. 95060. (thanks)Un abrazo,Jamie
Jamie Jeffries
06/07/09 14:30:09 @jamie-jeffries:
Hola Elaine,I met you on the 1st night of your last chocolate tour in Tabasco. I was in Susana Trilling's group, on her 1st chocolate tour. We sat like Knights of the Round Table---of the chocolate order. Wasn't it marvelous sending different bars of chocolate round & round the table & tasting them. And then, making toasts to our love of chocolate with Susana's Passion Fruit Mescal? What an unforgettable experience and such a beautiful send-off for you on your final tour.I remember running into you later at the cacao finca outside of Tabasco as you were taking your brood on a tour on those magnificent grounds. I found myself feeling so excited to see you again, and I felt a tugging at my heart to secretly join your tour. I felt a sadness when our two tours parted ways. I would have loved to have spent more time with you and your welcoming presence, absorbing your wealth of knowledge. I don't want to lose track of you, so I'm glad that I've joined up with this site. I don't know if you will visit the San Francisco Bay area, or specifically, Santa Cruz where I live, but you will always be welcomed here. Mi casa es su casa. I hope one day I will get myself to Chicago and that you'll grant me an interview, so to speak. You are a rock star. My Queen of Chocolate. You always inspire me.Please be well, take good care of yourself and remember to always lick the chocolate off the mixing spoon.Abrazos,Jamie