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Soft centred
11/18/09 23:44:20 @soft-centred:
Thanks for the comment, Jamie, and hope you like the book. I was recently in Paris and managed to visit some of my favourite chocoltiers, including a new one for me, Patrick Roger. Absolutely sublime! I'd like to do what you're doing one day too - to go the the heart of the chocolate experience. That's where it all begins. Most of us only ever experience where it ends... Not that there's anything inglorious in that of course. I'd love to know how you get on.Bruno
Soft centred
11/14/09 16:03:35 @soft-centred:
If you're compiling quotes, myths, anecdotes etc. about chocolate can I (a bit of self advertising here) direct you to my book "The Language of Chocolates", which is full of what (I hope) you are looking for? The book is available from Amazon (and Lulu.com), and details can be found on My Page... Enjoy!Soft Centred
Elaine Gonzalez
06/07/09 17:13:17 @elaine-gonzalez:
I'll look forward to seeing the pictures. I'm leaving for the candy show Tuesday a.m. but will get the calendar to you as soon as possible.Elaine
Elaine Gonzalez
06/07/09 14:54:09 @elaine-gonzalez:
Jamie, how wonderful to hear from you! I, too, remember that evening and the great time we had. It would have been even better if you all could have joined us the rest of the time. It was a bittersweet trip for me, knowing that it was my last, but I will always remember it as havng been one of the best. If you will send me your address, I'll send you a calendar that Peter's Chocolate printed this year to commemorate that trip. Let's do keep in touch. I hope our chocolate paths meet again soon.Un abrazo,Elaine