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04/15/11 07:58:29PM @jim2:


I think we have an very high quality cocoa bean operation. Brad seems to approve of our processes and has spoken well of products. We were awarded "Cocoa Beans of Excellence" at the 2010 Salon du Chocolate in Paris and have already been shortlisted for the 2011 event.

If you can flesh out your interest in Brazilian beans I will try to fill in your requests.

Best regards

Jim Lucas

Sirius Chocolate
04/19/10 06:28:46PM @sirius-chocolate:
Hi,I just read your discussion with Sacred Steve on the "Cocoa beans at great prices" forum. I am extremely interested in wild and rare Criollo varieties, particularly from the Tabasco region of Mexico (and around Costa Rica, Peru, and Bolivia).Thanks!Sirius
Gordon Terpening
09/28/09 08:23:07PM @gordon-terpening:
Eric,I would like to get the rest of my order as soon as possible.Give me a call 520-227-8556or email me gordonschocolate@gmail.comThanks,Gordon TerpeningCHOCOLA'TEBisbee, AZ
08/28/09 12:31:00PM @kevin:
Hi Eric,I just found out from Clay you will be selling cocoa bean direct. Do you have a web site or a list of the beans you have available. Thanks.Regards,Kevin Miodonski
05/03/09 11:51:20PM @tom:
Hi Eric, I would like to get some of the Venezeulan Carenero beans you have sent to me in Australia. I usually get sent beans in 12lb flat rate boxes from the USA, any chance of getting 12lbs of beans to make the most of the shipping. Anyway how should we go about getting this organised?
Paul Mosca
03/10/09 04:03:23PM @paul-mosca:
Hi Eric!
02/08/09 08:32:21AM @kevin:
Hi Eric,I would like to know if it would be possible to get smaller quantities of an assortment of beans so I can better get to know the flavors. Four pounds of 8-10 varieties would be a great way for me to better understand the beans and flavors. Thanks.Kevin
08/22/08 10:08:39PM @brady:
This is the second link I tried to add for you:
08/22/08 10:07:36PM @brady:
Eric- I visited Pam and Bob Coopers "Original Hawaiin Chocolate Factory" in Kona. They were not selling beans or pods at that time. I think your best bet would be the Kauai Cacao Coop: In case you are not familar with Chocolate Alchemy, this is another site to purchase beans (other than Hawaiin):