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01/15/10 10:21:06 @kristina:
Hi Ernesto,sorry, I haven't checked your profile earlier and thank you for the information. Even If I've never been to the Philippines I still habe a liking and interest for your country - it comes through nice people one meets or has met :). Untill getting to this site I actually didn't know there is chocolate in the Philippines... well, and I am a curious creature.
Ernesto B. Pantua Jr.
01/06/10 09:35:58 @ernesto-b-pantua-jr:
Hi Kristina, sorry for the delayed response. I am surprise you would be interested in the Philippine Cacao. We have a plantation of cacao in Mindanao the 2nd largest island and we have been processing cacao into tableas (in tablet form 10.6gm each pure ground nib cocoa butter unextracted). This tablea is used for preparing the traditional chocolate drink we have inherited from the Spain who have colonized our country for 300 years. Currently we are trying to mix Coconut sugar (low GI) to these tablea to make them edible as well. We market our products mainly in southern Mindanao although a Hongkong buyer gets occasionally from us the Tableas sweetened by Coconut sugar.
01/03/10 12:08:21 @kristina:
Hi Ernesto, could you, please, share a link or more about chocolate/cacao in the Philippines? I would appreciate it very much. Well, my Tagalog consist of just few words :), so I'd prefere English (or any European language). Salamat!
Rajarajeshwari Kainthaje
10/11/09 19:39:23 @rajarajeshwari-kainthaje:
Thanks for the information. I have to see whether it is available in India.Rajarajeshwari.
Rajarajeshwari Kainthaje
10/11/09 07:54:36 @rajarajeshwari-kainthaje:
Hi Ernesto,I want to know more about concentrated coconut nectar. Can you please enlighten me ? Never heard of it being a coconut grower.Thanks in advance,Rajarajeshwari from India.
Duffy Sheardown
02/20/09 10:35:33 @duffy-sheardown:
Hi Ernesto,This site is a great help. Whenever you come across a problem have a dig through some of the old forum topics and somebosy else will have mentioned it before and probably got it sorted.I'm just starting out but hope to be in the market for some Phillipine beans before too long!