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Hazelnut logs
peanut butter caramels
vegan turtle
vegan pb cups
peppermint patty
more chocolate toffee pretzels
Chocolate toffee pretzels
Truffles in the Cadillac
Charlotta Chocolatta with some raspberry hearts
more truffles
Willard and the wine-pairing chocolates
Towers of hearts



Danna Dykstra-Coy
10/06/09 02:38:23PM @danna-dykstra-coy:
thats perfect, because the kids still like to trick-or-treat (show off their costumes) in their neighborhoods--2 in Cambria and 1 in Cayucos. The night before is fantastic! On my calendar.
Danna Dykstra-Coy
10/05/09 01:58:58PM @danna-dykstra-coy:
my grandchildren may just have to bring their grandmother to the shop for Halloween story telling!
zhemin Park
08/11/09 07:41:39AM @zhemin-park:
Hi, Eve ! I wish you everything going well,
erika jensen
07/16/09 12:28:40PM @erika-jensen:
hi eve! your shop is looking fantastic! i'm in the same boat you are right now (But several months behind) we are moving into a new location and expanding, (but on a low budget) and i was just wondering how you went about just doing everything? we have a space we're leasing but looking for plates/cups/flatware, looking for a small 36-inch dessert case (we're going to put chocolates and truffles in curio cabinets) but did you have web sites you looked at? and those vintage ads/postcards...gorgeous. i would love to buy one just for me! was that an ebay discovery? :0) and don't know if you're offering this stuff at all, but i'm thinking of offering some aprons and towels, and "chocolate stuff" anything fun to do with chocolate....have you stumbled across any sites in your retail search that might be fun to look through?sorry so long...but i just love your blog entries and hope your grand opening went smoothly a couple days ago!best of luck!!
Andre Costa
05/28/09 10:52:56AM @andre-costa:
I surely will!
Andre Costa
05/28/09 09:10:50AM @andre-costa:
Hi Eve.Just wanted to wish you the best of luck with the new store! Success!