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Steve Young
09/01/10 02:05:23PM @steve-young:
Francis,I have to put deal on hold for a few days. Person from last weekend wants untill Sept. 11th to buy both for $1400 in Miami. I will let you know. Thx, Steven
Steve Young
09/01/10 08:42:14AM @steve-young:
You still interested? More inquiries to handle. Let me know if you can obtain Fedex acct #.
06/03/10 08:00:10PM @jim2:
Thanks for the invitation to befriend...Drop me a note regarding your bean requirements and I will try to do what I can. I have a client in canada and a request for quote from another. The main hurdle to overcome is transporting. small orders typically are air shipped and are outrageously charged. If several buyers in Canada are able to consolidate a shipment, the cost at your door drops by about 40%. You can contact me via e-mail at cacaufarmer@yahoo.com.Best regardsJim Lucas