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Jennifer Spielman
10/09/10 10:11:10AM @jennifer-spielman:
I am no longer in need of one so you can take me off the list, just in case. Eagerly awaiting mine in the mail!
John Houlihan
10/07/10 03:05:19PM @john-houlihan:
Hi Steve, How did it work out with your original buyer? Are we clear to transact or are these are building quite a queue of buyers it appears.
10/03/10 07:37:33PM @mavis:
I'll take the 2nd one, if still available. Thanks! Mavis
Jennifer Spielman
10/01/10 11:33:32AM @jennifer-spielman:
Hi, I can't tell if the Little Dippers are still available. I am very interested in one and ready to buy right away. Please let me know. Thanks! Jennifer
Anthony Lange
09/24/10 03:25:14PM @anthony-lange:
I live in South Africa,Any chance of one?
John Houlihan
09/22/10 12:13:39PM @john-houlihan:
Hi Steve, I am in Chicagoland, Western burbs--Wheaton IL 60187. What would the shipping be? If the Hilliard is not ancient, less than five years old and in working condition, I will take one at $700.00. Thanks, John O)312-360-5576 C)630-207-8682 I could do PayPal or check
George Trejo
09/22/10 02:47:48AM @george-trejo:
Do you still have the little dippers for sale?Thanks.George
Sarah Hart
09/14/10 04:12:40PM @sarah-hart:
Are your Hilliard's temperers still for sale?
Susan Van Horn
09/02/10 07:57:47PM @susan-van-horn:
Thanks, Steve!