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06/05/17 10:03:39
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For Sale - Krebs/Krea Heated Chocolate Spray Gun - Chicago

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Why wasn't the sprayer right for you? The sprayers are used worldwide. How can we help you? Pl. see our Facebook Forum & YouTube Channel for films, pics, tips & tricks.



hotCHOC praline speckle pic.jpg hotCHOC praline speckle pic.jpg - 1.2MB
Robert Kray
@Robert Kray
06/05/17 09:52:59
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Hi from Brazil

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Hi Andre. Good luck!! Should you require the heated chocolate sprayer (hotCHOC) or fast chocMELTER, get in touch with us, KREA Swiss ( We are also available in Brazil and other South American countries.velvet effect with hotCHOC spray gun by Fernando De Oliveira

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