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Christopher Wilson
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08/30/12 09:24:04AM
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What is a good, small enrober to buy?

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We do mainly molded bonbons but are looking to produce more enrobed. How has your Hilliard been for service? any problems. ALso how easy is it to break down and switch couvetures, really? We have not entertained the idea of a small scale enrober, simply because it seems as though it would take more time to setup and break down the machine than it would to have 2 people hand dip 1000pcs.

I haven't run across anyone near us with one in use to see in action.


Christopher Wilson
@Christopher Wilson
08/26/12 08:42:17PM
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Fermented cacao beans wanted

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Hello Mr. C,

I, too am looking for additional varieties of beans for our Bean2Bar production. Might you have any beans stateside and a steady stream coming into the US that you would be able to supply us with?