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Jennifer Thamer
10/05/10 13:22:49 @jennifer-thamer:
p.s. I love your boxes! Would you mind sharing your gift box manufacturer's website? Thanks!
Jennifer Thamer
10/05/10 13:21:47 @jennifer-thamer:
Hi Gail,I am a member of Start-up Central and received your email. I definitely recommend checking out the SCORE office in your neighborhood. SCORE is a non-profit that partners with the SBA to pair new business owners with mentors who are retired from their field. It has been a wonderful (free!) resource -- I've met regularly for months with a great mentor from the food industry to research, write and finalize a business plan (including profitability) and have been working with another mentor to set up my accounting. I can't recommend the program enough!Profitability will greatly depend on your market area, so it's best to go through the motions of writing a business plan. By the end of the process, you'll know whether it makes sense to move forward.Good luck! Jenny
Susan Van Horn
10/04/10 18:02:36 @susan-van-horn:
Hi, Gail ~ It took me forever to find this message from you. I think TCL needs a redo to make it more intuitive and user friendly.Anyway, I am a photographer who also does Hypnotherapy. I am more than ready for a transition to something else and the Chocolate "thing" just sort of happened along the way. I am loving it. It melds my love of creativity with food and sweets and science!I graduated from Ecole in July and am spending this next year doing my R&D. I'm hoping to intern or work at a chocolate shop somewhere here in my area. Haven't gotten the courage up to actually apply but will probably get to it in a week or two. Let me know how you are doing in the process.And, I'm happy to be your chocolate friend. I know exactly what you mean.
Giuseppe Marzagalli
10/02/10 10:42:21 @giuseppe-marzagalli:
Hi Gail! Great, hoping to hear from You pretty soongiuseppe
Giuseppe Marzagalli
10/02/10 00:41:33 @giuseppe-marzagalli:
Hi Gail!Are You willing to deal in your Country with a superb line of Swiss Probiotic Chocolate?Please let me knowgiuseppe Switzerland
Susan Van Horn
10/01/10 14:18:58 @susan-van-horn:
Welcome, Gail! This site is so full of helpful people and information. You'll be glad you found it!
Susan Van Horn
10/01/10 11:23:57 @susan-van-horn:
These look beautiful, Gail! How many did you end up making during your marathon?