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10/19/14 08:16:10PM @louwegi:

Hi Hallot,

My girlfriend and myself visited your chocolate factory in Raleigh a few months ago and were extremely impressed! Really love the whole building and the chocolate was phenemenal.

You mentioned somewhere in the forums that you hand poured some of your bars because of larger inclusions wouldn't fit into a deposited. Our company is in the same boat. Grinding inclusions small enough to fit into a depositor takes away from the texture of the inclusion.

My question is, have you ever had white spots(fat bloom) appear over the inclusions within 24hrs of setting up. We are experiencing a localized detempering (at least that is what we think) and have yet to figure out what is going on.

All the best

11/12/09 08:07:27PM @lane-wigley:
Saw the article in N&O about Raleigh factory, I'm very excited about having a full operation in town and can't wait for a tour. Let me know if you need the factory photographed for your marketing collateral.
09/25/09 02:19:04AM @jim2:
Hallot,I was reading your comments in the "Startup" section and very much impressed with your systems approach. I would like to have a brief history regarding your business. A general time line for when you began the process and how long before you were up and running.I am a cacau producer in Brazil and like most producers are slowly growing old and poorer. We have received proposals from a chain of huge shopping centers in Sao Paulo Brazil (20 million)to mount a series of bean to bar operations. This would solve a great deal of my problems as the primary problem with our cacau production is getting it to N. American and European markets. Although our superior quality bean prices are acceptable to bean to bar operations, the shipping cost and hassle of exporting are monumental.You may also want to take a look at our beans the next time you head out on a bean shopping spree. Although our annual production is only on the order of 60 metric tons, it is rated Superior+ and very well managed.Your story would be very much appreciated in helping us conclude whether to "bar" or not.
08/22/08 10:26:43PM @brady:
Hal: Glad to hear the bar I have is bean-to-bar! Another TCL member (Jay Olins) picked it up for me at Fog City News. I have yet to try it though. I plan to fit it in a comparitive tasting with some friends once I decide on the theme. Hopefully soon, as I'm looking forward to trying it. Regardless of what my perceptions of your bar may be when I try it, I will wish you success in your bean-to-bar venture. Brady
08/21/08 10:49:41PM @brady:
Hal: I recently read your reply to Olorin back in May about early batches of your bars being made from couverture. I have a bar of your Occumare from Batch #4. The label indicates bean-to-bar. Please verify this for me. Thanks, Brady
05/03/08 02:02:43PM @chocofiles:
I also have a question, on the American bean to bar thread you said, "When our made from the bean bar comes out next month, it will be available in the shop and through our website only". I'm wondering about the bars you currently offer. Are they also bean to bar too?
05/03/08 01:56:06PM @chocofiles:
Hi, would you please send me an email to LyrhNC (at) gmail.com ? I'd like to talk to you about tasting more of your chocolates. I live in Garner, so I'm only about 15 min from your store.
Clay Gordon
04/26/08 03:40:20PM @clay:
Hallot:Welcome to The Chocolate Life. Please tell us more about the chocolate you make. What sorts of beans and equipment are you using?