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It's been a while since I've updated my profile here. After seven years in Ecuador, where we ran a boutique chocolate business and then worked my way into the chocolate tourism, cacao sourcing and logistics side of things, I have moved back to the US. Ecuador was a tough seven years, but it was an amazing experience and put me where I am today.

I now work for a new bean to bar startup based in Irvine, CA called Chocxo. I am the operations manager for chocolate production here, in charge of everything from sourcing cacao beans from overseas, to developing roasting profiles, to making chocolate and managing the entire staff and process. It's a lot of work and a lot of fun.

I am still available under private contract for consulting work as well, please see my site at

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Winnower in Ecuador



06/27/11 15:52:31 @jay2:
Jeff, I'm very interested in getting Ecuadorian cocoa beans. Please contact me directly at: W = 708-799-1988, H = 708-534-0620 or
Kent Goodwin
06/15/11 10:49:09 @kent-goodwin:
Hi Jeff, I would like to talk to you more about the options you have for Ecuadorian cacao liquor. Sent you a friend request so that I can send you a direct message. Thanks! Kent
Cat Ankerson
01/06/11 15:51:45 @cat-ankerson:
Hi Jeff, I just took a look a look at your blog and it seems you closed your place down in Quito? Just when i was going to ask you when the next session of chocolate making was! Is it true?.... hope not.
Laura Marion
11/24/10 02:11:15 @laura-marion:
hi jeff i am in australia and would like to get my hands on a preserver cocoa pod can you please let me know how and the details thanks laura
03/04/10 20:35:55 @cat:
Jeff Stern
03/04/10 08:45:19 @jeff-stern:
The next class here is Thursday, March 18 from 2:00 to 4:30. If you follow my local brand page on Facebook, Gianduja, you can see all the info. Send me your email and I'll send you the info on how to sign up.
03/04/10 08:42:56 @cat:
Im actually living in Quito at the moment and Im very interested in taking classes. How do I go about doing that?Thanks
03/04/10 07:35:29 @cat:
Hola Jeff, I was wondering if you offer any kind of work experience (unpaid) or if you hold any workshops in Quito. I would really love to witness the process from the roasted cacao bean to the final chocolate product.GraciasCat
Pablito Marmol
09/22/09 03:51:17 @pablito-marmol:
Hola Jeff... saludos a los probadores de chocolates ;)
Publio Cantos
09/14/09 16:40:14 @publio-cantos:
Hola Jeff, es un gusto conocerte. estuve leyendo tus posts esta maana. Nos reunimos cuando vengas a Guayaquil.Saludos,Publio
Jeff Stern
12/09/08 10:09:34 @jeff-stern:
My dark chocolate is 100% Arriba from a grower friend of mine in the Quevedo province of Ecuador. I also use other Ecuador single origin, which is also Arriba, but sourced from throughout the country.
10/29/08 20:22:11 @chocofiles:
That's fantastic that you have your own chocolate! What is the name of your chocolate? What kind of beans do you use and where are they from? I have a friend in Ecuador who may want to get some.