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Handle the order yourself or find a co packer?

Hey everyone,I apologize in advance...
@Jeffray D. Gardner 11 years ago - Comments: 2

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Lola Gedeon
09/30/13 04:24:52 @lola-gedeon:
Hi Jeffray,Nice to meet you, yes my website is out of order, we will reestablish it during our trip to Texas for thanksgiving, we live inside the Atlantic Forest and it s very difficult to get help here.We do produce a very high quality beans and have invested on machinery to clean and separate them by weight and size so during the process of roasting, which is very critical for the outcome, you will have an uniform batch. This farm has been in our family since 1920s and we produce mainly forasteiro beans, if you are interested in receiving a sample let me know. Good luck,Lola
ricardo villanueva
09/16/10 10:08:50 @ricardo-villanueva:
Hi Jeffray:Thank you for the inquiry. I think I sold the winnower. However, if the sale falls through, would you like me to notify you? Otherwise, I can send you pics and instructions on how to build one yourself, free of charge.all the best,Ricardo