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Debbie Collins
03/19/15 01:17:53PM @debbie-collins:

Oh forgot to email is I live in Linwood which is 8 miles south of Lexington.

Debbie Collins
03/19/15 01:16:37PM @debbie-collins:

 Hi Jennifer,

My name is Debbie & I was the owner of Collins Chocolates. We were a small wholesale company and sold candy to a few accounts in Charlotte. Prior to moving here 12 yrs. ago I owned a restaurant in western Nebraska and we also ran our candy company. I sold candy in my restaurant and we had a route where we delivered monthly made up of accounts in western Nebraska and it ran all the way into eastern Colorado and into metro Denver. It was 163 accounts and it was growing My husband & I ran the businesses and made all the candy. The restaurant was closed 2 days a week and thats when we ran the route to deliver chocolates. 

I have a large commercial kitchen full of equipment that is just sitting. We were getting the business started here & I got sick. We closed the candy business 3 yrs. ago this April. I feel lost without it after a lifetime (almost 30 yrs.) of making chocolates. Maybe you would like to visit and I will be honest....I'm trying very hard to get myself well again to re-open my business.

Heidi Caren
10/06/13 09:33:15AM @heidi-caren:
It just so happens Jennifer that I never did sell them. I guess I was thinking about a comeback. I am away till Tuesday. I can contact you then and let you know what I have and cost.Heidi

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