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Anna Davies
02/04/10 07:40:15PM @anna-davies:
Hi Jessica!The truffle company in Boulder is called Seth Ellis and their website is We spoke to Rick Ellis, one of the owners and he was really nice and helpful...and their truffles are stupendous. :)
Matt Caputo
02/04/10 05:48:09PM @matt-caputo:
Jessica,Thanks for contacting me. I am excited to hear you are thinking of opening a chocolate related business. Utah certainly needs more cacao culture. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but you simply must come to my chocolate class. I won Best Food & Wine Educator in Utah at Salt Lake Magazine's last Annual Dinning Awards, mainly for my chocolate class. I guarantee it will blow you away. Schedule online:
Anna Davies
02/03/10 10:35:53PM @anna-davies:
Hi Jessica!Robbie just befriended you. :) We were just out in Utah for Thanksgiving. Robbie is from Park City. We went to Tony Caputo's and spent our life savings on the chocolate there.We are in the beginnings of our process, but super excited about it. We just bought the equipment to make chocolate at home and are planning a trip to Cost Rica in March to take a course through ecole chocolate.Our doors are open if you want to visit. :) I think we will hopefully have things going in 6 months to a year.How is your truffle making going? Do you make truffles from home? We know some guys in town that make truffles, Seth Ellis. They are super awesome and friendly and would be great people to talk to if you came out here.
Anna Davies
02/03/10 06:12:41PM @anna-davies:
Hi Jessica!You're starting a gourmet truffle company! Sounds awesome. My boyfriend (Robbie Stout, also on chocolatelife :)) and I are starting a Bean to Bar company in Boulder. Do you live nearby? It's always great to be in touch with fellow chocolate lovers in our area. :)Best,Anna
Ruth Atkinson Kendrick
01/25/10 12:31:50AM @ruth-atkinson-kendrick:
Amano is in Orem. Dept of Ag can give you the info on Cottage Food Rule. I also do toffee and ganache centers. I do 3 different caramels. My daughter and daughter in law are both RN's. My regular email is Probably easier than using this one. R
Ruth Atkinson Kendrick
01/24/10 09:37:32PM @ruth-atkinson-kendrick:
Great--Let's get together sometime. Do you have a business?